Robert Juliat 1800W Victor followspots bring highlights to TABOO at the City of Dreams, Macau

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© Courtesy of City of Dreams Macau

A good start to the “Year of the Goat” for Robert Juliat and
Pacific Lighting (HK) Ltd.

The “Year of the Goat” has already proved that it brings prosperity for Pacific Lighting (HK) Ltd with Robert Juliat sales.

"We have received several orders for Robert Juliat products over the past weeks, most of which have been totally unexpected,” says Pacific Lighting (HK) Ltd Director, Hugh Chinnick.

The Tai Po Civic Centre, managed by the Leisure & Cultural Service Department of the Government, began the good fortune by purchasing thirty Robert Juliat Lutin Fresnels. “Their requirements for the new fixtures were that they should deliver a good light output, be light weight, and have an absence of engineered plastic components,” explains Chinnick. “The Department reported they had experienced degradation of plastic parts on a number of Fresnels in their existing inventory, so a fixture without this material was preferred. The venue flying system also has a rather low weight limit, so the compact RJ Lutin fitted the bill well.”

The 1000W RJ Lutin is a compact, 3-in-1 fixture with a host of unique features that include a choice of 3 quick-change lenses that can transform it easily from a Fresnel, to a Pebble- or PC-lens lantern.

Two orders from Hong Kong International Theme Parks Ltd, both for a pair of RJ Manon 1200W MSD followspots, came as a complete surprise. “The Park maintains an impressive inventory of lighting equipment for events, and adds to it when necessary,” commented Chinnick. “One pair of the Manons is destined for the new event marquee, and the other pair with RJ custom flight cases is for the general pool.” HKITP already has three of the mighty Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000W HTI followspots for their long throw applications.

TABOO, the playful cabaret experience at the City of Dreams in Macau, is preparing for its new season which necessitated the addition of another RJ Victor 1800W MSR followspot to their existing inventory. “This was another surprise that came out of the blue,” commented Chinnick. “The Victor will need to be air-freighted as the venue needs it by the beginning of April. Luckily, Robert Juliat’s precise production schedule meant that one could be built and shipped in time for the rehearsals of the new show. “We are very happy with such fantastic demand for Robert Juliat fixtures since Chinese New Year and, with plenty more in the pipeline, we are very optimistic for the rest of the year!”

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Posted: 31th of March, 2015