4000W HTI

Designed to the same high standards as the rest of Robert Juliat’s followspot family, the Lancelot’s innovative optical train improves on the power and very long throw capabilities of its smaller counterparts.

Lancelot is now the benchmark fixture for big events and concerts where its innovative technology, outstanding light output and extremely flat beam set new standards for both followspots and automated lighting products.

Indeed, Lancelot is not just another very long-throw followspot. An unequalled range of modular accessories, manual or motorised, can be added to make it the most powerful long-throw effects projector ever built (Chromix 4-blade gel cassettes and dimmer shutter for smooth fades).

• Grand range features
• Very narrow variable zoom 2° - 5°
• High performance 6-lens optical train reduces the size of the unit and enhances definition
• Double quartz condenser system for dazzling light output and perfectly even beam
• Flicker-free electronic PSU
• Fan-cooled, 6-way, self-cancelling 'boomerang' colour-changer
• Chromix 4-blade gel cassettes
• Dimmer shutter for smooth fades

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