Robert Juliat, the founder of the current company, designed the first Robert Juliat PC fixture in 1923 for the fledgling moving picture industry.

With the ability to think beyond conventional technology, the company has been a forerunner of lighting product design since those early days, constantly finding innovative solutions to improve upon the quality of its products – both in terms of beam and build – until it has reached the high and constant standards for which it is renowned throughout the world today.

This fresh approach continues into the current generation. The modular design of the Lutin and Cin’k Fresnels has set new standards in single lens luminaire design by providing a multi-faceted solution in a brilliantly simple package. Boundaries continued to be stretched with the arrival of Aledin 330, a new LED Fresnel, in 2011, which subsequently developed into the Zep 340LF & 360LF LED Fresnels.

The latest example of Robert Juliat innovation is the Tibo range which incorporates the Tibo Fresnel, a brand new tool in the Robert Juliat portfolio. Extremely compact, this LED fresnel is ideal for wash light, back and side light.

Whatever the size or type of venue, Robert Juliat’s single lens luminaires provide the optimum solution.

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