LEDs constantly provide new solutions in lighting across several market sectors, and Robert Juliat has responded by creating new products that combine high output LED light sources with Robert Juliat mechanical and optical excellence. The introduction of Tibo, Zep, Charles, Dalis, Roxie, Oz and Alice means the Robert Juliat portfolio now offers an LED version of every conventional fixture type – Fresnel, profile, followspot, footlight and cyclorama lights – in addition to the traditional light sources of tungsten and discharge.

The Zep series offers theatres a choice of different colour temperatures which remain constant when dimming, combined with an extremely even beam. The Zep Fresnel is capable of an extremely wide beam angle; the Zep profile gives fine gobo projection.
The Tibo range presents a bright lighting solution in a compact body. It features an outstanding optical design that gives a choice of two different zoom ranges within one single unit.
The award-winning Dalis cyclorama light has a unique design. Dalis blends 8 LED colours into an extremely wide colour palette with a perfectly even spread over any surface. Its silent, fanless cooling operation is perfect for sound sensitive environments like opera houses and theatres.
The Dalis footlight is the perfect complement when it comes to front-edge stage lighting.
The Charles Series is the bright new classic in LED profile technology that combines a mighty output with brilliant quality of light.

Easy to install and lower in energy consumption, the Robert Juliat LED ranges offer cost savings in more ways than one.
The long LED life ensures LED light sources are a great solution for hard to reach areas and perfect for long term projections. The absence of UV / IR emissions ensures protection for sensitive objects such as works of art, museum exhibits and theatres’ historic décor. Low heat emission means less wear and tear on the fixture and therefore less maintenance, and fewer man-hours.

TV Studio
Crucial to television studios is a lantern’s quality of light, constant colour temperature when dimming, and flicker-free power supply, all of which are offered by the RJ LED profiles, Fresnels and cyclorama lights. These fixtures offer a flat, even beam with no hot spot, with soft and sharp beam shaping. Running costs are slashed while less heat means less maintenance and less airconditioning.

Charles, Zep and Tibo LED profiles are invaluable for easy, cost effective event lighting. There is no need for costly installation and cabling and less time is spent setting them up. The Tibo LED light source is so cool that even plastic gobos can be placed in the gate, which can be printed on standard desktop printers to minimise costs.
Dalis adds a special touch to corporate events with its wall wash capabilities that can be finely tuned to match any colour scheme or design. Six coloured and two white LEDs give access to an extremely wide colour gamut and an impressive range of pastel tones. Each LED emitter can be controlled independently, with up to 16-bit control, providing a subtle and clever mix of colours for an infinite range of possibilities.
Finally, Robert Juliat’s LED followspots, can be relied on to pick out the stars of the show. Roxie is a compact, energy efficient followspot that keeps running costs down and performance high. Use it to add a dazzling finishing touch to any event. Oz and Alice are proof that Robert Juliat continues to lead the way in followspot design!