Track your spot

Plasa Award 2018

SpotMe is a modern answer to complement followspot technology, designed to serve designers creativity with a special care for the artistic aspects.

SpotMe consists of sensors mounted on tripod and followspot, and a server.

Taking its lead simply and efficiently from the movements of a Robert Juliat followspot, SpotMe is able to produce tracking information in real-time, with no emitters or cameras on stage or performers.

SpotMe generates high-quality positional data, calculated through advanced algorithms, to communicate with any console or devices using PosiStageNet standard. The console can then coordinate the identical movements of other fixtures in the rig, even conventional fixtures with no feedback capability.

SpotMe works well in coordinating moving lights, whatever their number, with the movement initiated by the followspot, at any time of the show.

With a fast and easy setup, SpotMe enables a wide range of effects, creating multiple backlights and bringing DMX information to static lights, all the data coming from a single source.

SpotMe is the perfect device to be added to existing followspots. It combines high-technology and human control over the lighting design and operation at the same time.

• Human control
• Full vision of actions on stage
• No cameras, no sensors
• PosiStageNet* (PSN) and DMX standards
• Compatible with all Robert Juliat followspots
(except the ultra-compact range)

(*) More information available at