1200/2500W DISCHARGE

A simple change of lamp compartment transforms Cin'k into a discharge unit ideal for use in TV studios, film lighting and rental companies. The resulting cool colour temperature is also perfect for ballet or creating day light effects.

Like its tungsten counterpart, it's 250mm lens ensures a powerful output while the theatreinspired front cassette gives no light spill so providing an alternative to the current film lighting method of attaching filters with clips. Smooth dimming can be achieved with no change in colour temperature by the addition of a Jalousie 2 digital dimmer.

Single Lens Luminaires features :
• Choice of 1200W / 2500W discharge lamps
• Lens size: 250mm (10")
• Double runners to hold accessories and colour filters
• Silent cooling fan for colour cassette to extend the life of dark colour gels (326 LFV)
• Special handle design for fast cable changing (except 326 LFV)
• Side index for easy focus reference
• Optional DMX remote controlled ignition (326 LFV only)
• Unique rotating barn door with 4 individually rotating blades
• Jalousie 2 : optional DMX-controlled digital shutter for the dimming of discharge units

326 LFV Discharge
  • lampcompartement325lf
  • 312 LF
  • lampcompartement325lf
  • 325 LF
  • lampcompartement325lf
  • 350 LF/350 LFV