TIBO 535


Ideal for wash light, back and side lighting, Tibo LED Fresnel is an innovative, energy efficient lighting tool.

It features an excellent optical system and colour temperatures which remain constant when dimming. Cool or warm white washes can be achieved without the need for colour correction filters and the reduced light output these cause.

Tibo LED presents an economical solution as its low heat output and extra long-life LED source (50,000 hours according to manufacturers specifications) means less heat damage and less maintenance.

All Tibo LED units have a flicker-free ballast which makes them suitable for film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre.

• Die-cast aluminium bodywork
• 360┬░ rotating lens tube
• Unique RJ barn door with 4 individually rotating blades
• Smooth focus adjustment possible with a user-friendly system
• Lens size : 130 mm (5'')
• Available in three colour temperatures (WW 3000K, NW 4000K and CW 6500K)
• Flicker-free PSU
• Silent operation
• Run up to 35 Tibo 535 from a single domestic power outlet 230V 16A

DiscontinunedTIBO 535 - LED 75W

TIBO 535