Hwan-Soo Chung of C&C Lightway and Claus Spreyer of Robert Juliat at KOBA 2014. Credit Justin Gawne, Mondiale Publishing.
C&C Lightway celebrate 20 years with Robert Juliat at KOBA 2014

Image credits : © Robert Juliat & Justin Gawne, Mondiale Publishing

Robert Juliat Success with C&C Lightway, Korea

French lantern manufacturer, Robert Juliat, has been enjoying increasing success in Korea with long-term distribution partner, C&C Lightway.

C&C Lightway has worked with Robert Juliat for over twenty years, promoting the brand in a strongly competitive market.

“We are up against strong competition from long-established, premium-brand Japanese manufacturers, particularly for conventional fixtures like Fresnels and ellipsoidals,” says C&C Lightway’s Hwan-Soo Chung. “However, we have worked to raise awareness of Robert Juliat’s great reputation to the same level it experiences in the followspot market where we have enjoyed a good market share for several years.”

C&C Lightway, which has established long-term working relationships with all of its clients, has recently supplied Robert Juliat lanterns and followspots to Seogwipo Culture & Arts Center, Yeonggwang Culture & Arts Center and Wooridle Church in Seoul where the company was responsible for the design and installation of the stage engineering and lighting systems.

Wooridle Church is now the proud owner of Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSD followspots, while the Yeonggwang Culture & Arts Center has taken delivery of a large inventory of RJ 329HPC 2000/2500W, RJ 329HF 2000/2500W and RJ 310HF 1000/1200W Fresnel fixtures plus RJ 614SX 1200W tungsten zoom profiles, RJ 710SX2 2000/2500W tungsten zoom profiles and an Aramis 2500W HMI followspot.

Significantly, the Seogwipo Culture & Arts Center has also taken stock of RJ 310TKHF 1500W Fresnels – models which have been designed specifically for the Korean market - along with an equal number of RJ 310HF 1000/1200W Fresnels and a pair of Aramis followspots. The RJ 310TKHF has been redesigned from the standard model to accommodate a 1500W/230V lamp specifically required by the Korean market.

“Robert Juliat is ideal for our market as most Korean venues are multipurpose,” continues Hwan-Soo Chung. “The Robert Juliat range is so versatile – with good light output, variable zoom profiles and a choice of light sources – that the fixtures can be installed with confidence in these venues knowing that they will perform beautifully whatever task they are called upon to perform.”

Robert Juliat CEO, Francois Juliat, and Sales Director, Claus Spreyer, supported C&C Lightway on its stand at the KOBA Lightfair, Seoul in May as the company celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Robert Juliat Fresnel, PC and TIBO lanterns were shown alongside RJ Cyrano, Victor and Lucy followspots.

“C&C Lightway had a strong appearance at the KOBA fair attracting a lot of clients interested in Robert Juliat products,” confirms Claus Spreyer. “We really feel the high influence C&C Lightway has in the South Korean market and appreciate their endless engagement for the Robert Juliat brand.”

“Robert Juliat is one of the oldest stage lighting manufacturers in the world. Their name itself works in our market,” says Hwan-Soo Chung. “They are one of the most innovative lighting companies to develop new products using the latest technologies. We are very happy with our long-term partnership with Robert Juliat, a company with whom we share vision and values.”

Posted: 10th of June, 2014