Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra invests with Robert Juliat

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Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra invests with Robert Juliat

Established in 1948 and declared a Tasmanian Icon in 1998, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra gives more than 70 concerts annually including seasons in Hobart and Launceston, and appearances in Tasmanian regional centres.

Resident in Hobart’s purpose-built Federation Concert Hall, the TSO has a full complement of 47 musicians. It was recently decided that the venue lighting needed to be updated to a more satisfactory standard.

“We needed to aim for more concert appropriate lighting that could give us some basic lighting effects as the in-house lighting is just on a wall panel which is quite limiting and also not bright enough on its’ own for regular concerts,” commented Brian Harris, TSO’s Production Assistant. “By having theatre lights we can focus around projection screens, do small recitals and solo work plus boost the in-house lighting to an appropriate level. We had been hiring in a similar rig but finally convinced our management and board that it would be better in the long term to purchase our own lights.” Brian turned to Alive Technologies for advice and their Events Coordinator David Bell recommended Robert Juliat as the go-to brand.

“I also have a background in theatre lighting so I knew that Robert Juliat was a quality brand and that their products were reliable so I had no hesitation in recommending them too,” added Brian. “ Consequently fourteen Robert Juliat 329H 2000 watt tungsten Fresnels, a favourite in theatres, opera houses and concert halls the world over, were provided by Alive Technologies. “Since the Fresnels have been installed I have been very impressed by them,” said Brian. “They have a good flat field, and a nice bright white light especially when compared to some of the cheaper models that may initially appear to be brighter. They’re a lovely fixture to focus and are very well built. The lock off works particularly well, basically they’re a very good quality light.”

Brian says that longevity of fixture was a key consideration when purchasing their new Fresnels and that he expects, through Robert Juliat’s excellent reputation, them to deliver many years of use.

“The cheaper models burn out reflectors and the lenses crack but we expect much better performance from our new, quality Fresnels,” he said. “We also expect a longer lamp life enabled by the special Robert Juliat socket.”

Unlike most products on the market which use GY16 lamps, Robert Juliat uses a G22 lamp socket which guarantees the 329H's reliability, holding the lamp securely in place to ensure there is no electrical arcing, even when the fixture is pointing vertically downward.

The Fresnels are positioned overhead along with a further purchase of four Robert Juliat 600 SX 1K Profiles to use as overhead specials on the conductor and soloists. “The Profiles are also very good with beautiful optics, a nice light and quality build,” remarked Brian.

Perhaps the most versatile of the Juliat Profiles, the 600 SX is the classic 1K/1.2K theatre fixture. Available with three different variable zoom options to cover every throw distance required, the 600 SX is equally happy with on-stage positions, overhead and on side booms, on prosceniums and front of house. The TSO hopes to purchase a front of house rig in the near future……which hopefully will include more Robert Juliat!

Website: www.tso.com.au

Posted: 12th of June, 2015