200W LED

The Sully 650SX 4C is a series of variable zoom profile spots featuring a 4-colour LED source and integrating an innovative software platform named RJ COLOR.

With advanced setting and control modes, these profile spots deliver perfect whites and high quality saturated and pastel colours.

Their mechanical, optical and electrical design is robust and reliable, and makes them easy to use for every operator.

It is fully manufactured in France at Robert Juliat premises. Each LED engine is factory-calibrated to ensure colour consistency from one profile to another.

In addition, the Sully 4C LED retrofit module is an ideal economic and technological solution to convert 600SX tungsten fixtures.

• 200W LED source
• 4-colour mixing LED system (Red, Green, Blue, Lime)
• 3 variable zoom options (28°-54° or 16°-35° or 11°-26°)
• Different modes of colour control
• Calibrated white sources with 3 white presets reproducing tungsten or discharge lamps
• Colour temperature adjustment from 1700 L to 10 000 K with Delta UV control (+/- green – magenta)
• Colour mixing optimization selecting High Quality or High Brightness mode
• 300 colour filters included with transmission / saturation adjustment - Fade time and type adjustment between 2 colour filters
• DimShift function (when dimming the light, the colours follow the Planck curve - Available on all sources, all filters)
• Multi-function double gate for simultaneous use of gobos and iris
• Sharp focus with up to 8 shutters
• Internal glass filter holder
• Adjustable response time by DMX protocol
• Compatible with DMX & RDM
• Choice of different PWM dimming frequencies
• 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
• DMX address and mode, dimming curve and response time through 4-button display with automatic light switch-off
• Tilt reference on hanging yoke for rapid re-positioning
• Silent operation
• Interchangeable lamp bases with 600SX series (1000W/1200W tungsten)

DMX accessory:

Profile 654SX 4C - 200 W LED

654SX 4C

RJ COLOR Profile Sully 653SX 4C - 200 W LED Profile Sully 651SX 4C - 200 W LED

653SX 4C 651SX 4C