Sully is the new generation of Robert Juliat LED lighting fixtures. The Sully family includes a choice of profiles, single lens spots, followspot and also an LED source module for upgrading current traditional tungsten profile installations.

The original inspiration behind Sully range is a removeable LED module, housed in a single compartment, that enables a reliable and affordable transition from traditional sources to LED. As venues take gradual steps in changing and updating their lighting equipment to LED, Sully makes it possible to standardise the equipment in venues already equipped with Robert Juliat luminaires. Sully ensures a uniformity and consistency in the quality of light throughout the progressive changes, allowing a smooth conversion, even while venues work with both conventional tungsten spots and the new LED spots.

The Sully series is available in two different versions - white or coloured LED sources.

It features an advanced software platform named RJ COLOR designed to provide perfect functions for theatre applications and multiple controls, such as colour temperature adjustment from 1700 K to 10 000 K and delta UV control, colour mix modes, colour filter simulation or tungsten emulation on dimming.