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Robert Juliat Arthur LT followspots in a first for Seoul Broadcasting System

Robert Juliat is proud to announce the arrival of its first Arthur LT followspots in South Korea. Five of the 800W LED Long-Throw followspots were installed at the Seoul Broadcasting System Open Hall studios in Deungchon-dong, South Korea by RJ’s exclusive distributor for the region, C&C Lightway.

Established in 1990, SBS is the largest private broadcaster in South Korea, with a nationwide network of 10 regional stations, and three radio networks. SBS Deungchon-dong Open Hall is one of the region’s main production venues hosting a broad programme of entertainment and variety shows.

The Arthur LT 800W LED followspots were installed in a bespoke followspot box located at a distance of approximately 20m from the production floor. They will primarily be used on SBS's flagship K-pop program, SBS Inkigayo (The Music Trend), in addition to all other programmes requiring similar key lighting capabilities.

“The Arthur LT LED followspot is highly regarded and recommended for use on all kinds of programmes, including SBS Inkigayo,” says Seung-Hoon Chun, who has been Lighting Director and Lighting Designer at SBS since 2013. “The decisive reason for choosing the Robert Juliat Arthur LT is primarily due to its suitability for the SBS broadcasting environment, but also to the lack of comparable competing products from other companies.”

Seung-Hoon Chun praised the CRI value of the Arthur LT which he said was very satisfactory, and found its DMX control capabilities extremely useful in the television environment: “The control through DMX allows for the utilisation of many features that were not achievable with traditional Xenon lamp followspots, resulting in enhanced convenience and usability,” he says. “DMX allows for accurate ON/OFF control, providing fine-grained control over individual lighting fixtures. By utilizing DMX protocol, it becomes possible to send specific commands to each followspot or channel, enabling precise control over their states.”

Arthur LT is a long throw model of Robert Juliat’s original Arthur followspot, developed to match the output of a 2500W HMI source. Its powerful LED engine and very narrow beam angle (5.5°- 15°) gives it a long-throw capability that combines with a high CRI of 95 to deliver invincible performances, with premium output and quality of light. A built-in, flicker-free power supply, and a choice of ventilation modes that ensure Arthur’s sound level is much quieter than any of its discharge rivals, make it ideal for sound-sensitive venues like studios and opera houses, as well as concerts and other live performances.

C&C Lightway is the exclusive distributor for Robert Juliat in South Korea:

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Posted: 5th of July, 2023