800W LED

Arthur LT is a new Long-Throw adaptation of the original Arthur followspot with a narrower beam. Featuring a zoom range of 4° - 10°, Arthur LT provides an output that exceeds an HMI 2500W Aramis. The LT version ensures invincible performances with an output of 2000 lux at a distance of 50m (200fc at 165 ft), while offering an enhanced light quality with a high CRI (>94) - an essential feature for a followspot whose main role is to shine a light on performers and showcase them in sublime fashion. With the choice of several ventilation modes, Arthur’s sound level is much quieter than any of its discharge rivals; it can be operated as easily in opera houses as on concerts and big arenas.

• LLT range (LED Long Throw)
• Variable zoom optics (4° - 10°)
• Very long-life LED source
• High output
• Native high CRI LED source (>94); perfect for performer illumination
   - no need for correction filter
• 3 cooling modes - silent mode for perfect integration in concert halls
• Removable fully closing iris
• 6-way, self-cancelling boomerang colour-changer
• B-size glass and metal gobo holder
• Built-in flicker-free power supply
• Universal data control (DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN protocols)
• DMX : 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
• Ease of maintenance with plug and play system
• Top control version available (one-handed dim and iris control)



DMX accessory:

ARTHUR LT (1014LT) 800W LED - The New LED Long Throw by Robert Juliat

ARTHUR (1014LT) 4 - 10°


ARTHUR LT (1014TCLT) 800W LED - The New LED Long Throw by Robert Juliat

ARTHUR (1014TCLT), Top Control Model