Robert Juliat Dalis Access 863 at Amphitheatre de la Verriere Aix-en-Provence France - Photo © Sophie Rousselon, Ville Aix-en-Provence, Nov 2019

© Sophie Rousselon / Ville d’Aix-en-Provence

The Amphithéâtre de la Verrière adopts Dalis Access 863

The Amphithéâtre de la Verrière, located in Aix-en-Provence, France, recently chose Robert Juliat Dalis 863 Access lighting fixtures to add to its in-house inventory. These high-quality LED battens, accessible to all budgets, are very versatile and can be used to illuminate a cyclorama, or as front of stage lighting - a real plus for multi-purpose theatres with very varied programmes of shows, conferences, debates and dance.

Located inside the Cité du Livre in Aix-en-Provence, the Amphithéâtre de la Verrière is a 450-seat multi-purpose hall. Jean-Marie Albaladejo, Technical Director of L'Amphithéâtre, was looking for an LED solution to replace old luminaires and provide effective low-angle lighting. Until now, this had been problematic in this amphitheatre-shaped venue, with an audience that sits very close to the stage.

"We are already equipped with many long-standing Robert Juliat luminaires, so it was only natural that we should turn to the same brand with confidence to find an appropriate solution, and choose LED sources that are more energy efficient," says Jean-Marie Albaladejo.

"TEXEN (Robert Juliat’s distributor for the area) presented us with Dalis 860 cyclorama fixture as a first step. This fixture has a proven record as very effective with a high quality of light and an extremely wide colour palette. However, our budgetary constraints made Dalis 860 inaccessible. TEXEN then advised us of a very interesting alternative, the Dalis Access 863 model."

This 150W LED cyclorama and footlight has the same technological advantages as Dalis 860 - asymmetrical micro-reflectors, simplified control parameter management, extremely smooth coverage and totally silent operation. Dalis Access 863, on the other hand, offers a simplified combination of light sources with a red, green, royal blue and warm white (2200K) four-colour mixing system. The dimming of each LED offers slow, smooth transitions and high-quality colour washes.

"The Dalis Access 863 beam is very precise and the colour rendering is perfect, with great evenness on the cyclorama,” continues Jean-Marie Albaladejo. “It is a fixture that we can also use as a footlight to illuminate artists or various speakers. We are completely satisfied with this model, which perfectly meets all our expectations, in both technical and economic terms.”

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Posted: 19th of November, 2019