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RJ will present its ZEP2 range of profiles and Fresnels
RJ will present its ZEP2 range of profiles and Fresnels

Photos: Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat at PLASA 2019 Preview information

Stand K40d Ambersphere Zone

Robert Juliat will be exhibiting at PLASA 2019 on Stand K40d with exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, where it will demonstrate SpotMe, its award-winning, bespoke 3D position-tracking for followspots, which earned Robert Juliat a PLASA Award for Innovation in 2018.

The ZEP2 range of LED zoom profile spots and Fresnel fixtures will be on display. Equipped with an enhanced white LED source providing a higher light quality and output, ZEP2 can be used as a direct complement or replacement for traditional 1kW or 2kW units but uses only 150W or 300W of long life LED power resulting in huge cost savings.

ZEP2 profile spots deliver all the RJ optical brilliance you would expect – a smooth flat beam, excellent CRI of up to 92, and all the SX range features including 3 variable zoom options (28°-54°, 16°-35° and 11°-26°), a strobe function, and a built-in flicker-free dimmable PSU with silent operation which make it perfect for studio and film applications. Zero UV/IR emissions ensures protection for audiences, works of art and delicate or historic environments. Gobo projection is crystal clear which makes ZEP2 profiles suitable for every application from the smallest theatre to the largest spectacular.

ZEP2 Fresnel fixtures are the perfect complement to ZEP2 profile spots. Available in warm and cool white (150W version) and, additionally, neutral and variable white (300W version), with a 200mm Fresnel lens that guarantees great beam quality with an exceptionally flat beam, and a variable beam angle for a very powerful wash effect. Colour temperature remains constant while dimming, and the built-in electronic flicker-free dimmable PSU ensures silent operation. Beam shaping can be achieved with great precision by the addition of RJ’s unique, individually rotatable barndoors. Versatile and economic, ZEP2 Fresnel is the perfect fixture for studios, theatres, and events as well as architectural applications.

Robert Juliat’s Dalis family has come a long way since the first, award-winning Dalis 860 cyclorama fixture was launched with 48 300W LED sources proffering a unique combination of 8 colours. The full range now includes Dalis 861 a 150W LED 8-colour Washlight; Dalis 862 (300W) full size and Dalis 862S (150W) short, variable white Footlights; Dalis Access 863 a 150W LED 4-colour cyclorama light with all the functionality and quality of the original at a price that makes Dalis technology accessible to those on a smaller budget; and finally, Dalis 864 Footlight, a 150W 4-colour version of the original Dalis 862 tuneable white footlight. The complete range offers superlative, even coverage to suit all requirements and can be seen all together on the Robert Juliat stand at PLASA.

And, of course, Robert Juliat will be supporting the KOI Awards for the sixth year running by sponsoring the Award for Opera in the Theatre category.

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Posted: 2nd of September, 2019