LED Profiles For Silverdale Baptist Church

Photo credit : DR

Robert Juliat Aledin LED Profile Spots Solve Power Needs of Silverdale Baptist Church

Mankin Media Systems Inc. (MMS) of Franklin, Tennessee helped Chattanooga's Silverdale Baptist Church find a cost-effective lighting solution for the renovation of existing space into a 2,000-seat auditorium, which includes integration of 15 Aledin 85-watt LED profile spots from Robert Juliat.

Initially, the church planned a new auditorium, but when funding shortfalls required significant budget cutbacks MMS was tasked with figuring out how to retrofit its lighting design into a room that could be renovated. MMS worked with structural engineers to design a catwalk to add lighting capabilities to the preexisting space while lowering the ceiling for a more intimate feel. The main challenge remained, however: a limit on the electrical supply to the facility since the cost of increasing power capacity to the room would be enormous. Power consumption therefore became a major consideration.

The solution that MMS engineered was to specify LEDs for house and performance lighting since LEDs required significantly less power and offered a longer lifespan than conventional fixtures.

Posted: Wallingford, CT - 28th of March, 2012