SULLY T/650SX & T/1650SX

115W LED

For conversion of tungsten profiles or followspots.

The Sully module is an ideal economic and technological solution for all those who own 600SX tungsten fixtures and wish to convert them to LED profiles, while keeping the same optics, lantern body and accessories. Mounting the Sully Module is quick and easy. It is also compatible with the Aledin, Figaro, Quincy and Pierrot profiles and the tungsten Cricket and MSD Buxie followspots.

Replacing a tungsten lamp base with an LED module allows the body of the profile and all its optics - the quality and robustness of which have been proven over decades - to be retained and reused. All existing accessories (iris, gobo holders, etc...) remain compatible in the LED conversion.

Energy consumption is greatly reduced, as are the maintenance costs associated with the frequent replacement of traditional lamps.

In addition, all original tungsten modules can be refitted to meet specific lighting design requirements, thereby ensuring a versatile profile kit at your disposal.

• Integrated electronics (connection to a direct mains supply
- up to 22 fixtures from 16A) 
• DMX and network control (Art-Net and sACN)
• Configuration via RDM and/or web interface
• Display and keyboard for local setup (in option)

Two models available:
• Sully T/650SX module → conversion of profiles  
• Sully T/1650SX module (with potentiometer) → conversion of

SULLY T650SX / T1650SX Module

DMX accessory: