Creative Concept Light is about choosing unique and creative ways to design lighting solutions that are both original and worthwhile.

The Creative Concept Light by Robert Juliat is a philosophy focused on providing a comprehensive platform of lighting possibilities, embodied in one innovative range named Tibo.

Like the notes in a symphony, Tibo offers a 'mix and match' choice of lightsource (LED, tungsten halogen and discharge), lens type (Fresnel and profile) and body colour. From this wide selection of components, designers and technicians can compose endless lighting solutions to suit any application, whether it is for theatre, architecture, TV studio, event, display or retail purposes.

All Tibo profiles have a 360° rotating body and a unique optical system which offers the choice of two zoom ranges (30/45° and 15/35°) in one single unit.

Tibo's LED light sources offer theatre lighting designers a choice of colour temperature which remain constant when dimming. Cool or warm white atmospheres can be achieved without the need for colour correction filters and the reduction in light output these cause. Variable LED light sources can be matched with traditional tungsten units as required.

Both LED and discharge Tibo fixtures are valuable for event lighting since they provide easy, cost-effective solutions in terms of reduced installation and maintenance costs, less cabling and lower power consumption. Up to 35 Tibo LED fixtures can be daisy-chained from a single domestic power outlet (230V 16A).

Architectural lighting requires compact, long-life fixtures with low heat-emission. Tibo's compact form and cool running LEDs make them ideal for discreet use in listed venues, exhibitions, museums or when lighting valuable or light-sensitive objects.

Retail or display installations by contrast often want to be noticed. Tibo's selection of dramatic or conventional body colours ensure Tibo can stand out from the crowd or blend into its environment.

The Tibo profiles and fresnels are perfect key lights for TV studios. Both fixtures offer a flat, even beam with no hot spot with soft or sharp beam shaping. All Tibo LED units have a flicker-free ballast which makes them suitable for film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre.

You produce the creative ideas, we'll reply with Tibo.

The Creative Concept Light by Robert Juliat