LED 150W

The same size and form factor as the popular Robert Juliat 600SX series, Zep is an innovative LED profile spot which offers significant light output with superlative framing and projection abilities.

Extra long LED life, very low power consumption and low heat emission (Zep can even project plastic gobos) result in important cost savings, fewer maintenance calls and lower running costs.

The integral flicker-free, dimmable, electronic PSU is ideal for studio applications; zero UV / IR emissions ensure protection for audiences, works of art and delicate or historic environments.

The most versatile, cost-effective and safe fixture on the market, Zep retains all the features and functions of a Robert Juliat profile lantern to perfectly meet the needs of all who wish to reduce their carbon footprint whilst maintaining their quality of projection.

• Profile Spots features
• 150 W LED source – 50,000 hours*
• Available in two colour temperatures (3200K and 6000K)
• Built-in electronic flicker-free dimmable PSU
• Strobe function
• Choice of plastic, metal or glass gobo
• 3 variable zoom options: 28° - 54°, 16° - 35° and 11° - 26°
• Silent operation
• Run up to 19 Zep 640 from a single domestic power outlet 230V 16A

(*) Manufacturer's data



643SX 641SXx

643SX 641SX